Trade Show Exhibit 101: Finding the Right Trade Show Display

Trade Show Display 101Acquiring the right trade show display for your business’ needs can be a daunting task. With such a variety of display solutions available today that fall across a vast price range, knowing where to begin can leave you overwhelmed. Finding a reliable trade show display supplier or event marketing professional will certainly be the best place to start.

Here are a few points to consider and discuss with your corporate team & your trade show supplier. They can help you decide what trade show display or exhibit system will work best for you and your needs:

1. Find a trade show supplier that will be willing to work with you to determine your display needs, your event marketing strategy, and your realistic budget.

2. Create a list, in order of priority, of “Must Haves”, as well as a list of “Would Like to Haves” for your display.

3. What is your corporate look and culture? How do you want to visually portray your company at your events? Think about materials and colors. Do you want it conservative and subdued or loud and bright? Do you want to use metals and crisp edges, or be colorful and playful?

4. What are your event configurations and/or booth sizes? Are you always exhibiting in the same space? Or does it vary with your events? A good display, with planning, should be able to include components that are used for a variety of display sizes, depending on your event schedule.

5. How will your display get your graphic messages across? Will your messages change from event to event? Can your graphics easily be changed to meet various requirements?

6. Does the display allow for enough product visibility? Do you require areas to allow for hands-on product or service demonstrations? Do you need seating areas or conference space?

7. How does the display fit into your marketing and trade show budget? Consider the total cost of the display. This includes shipping costs, labor, manning the booth, collateral, and other trade show related expenses (i.e. swag).

With some planning and good communication, you can get the right trade show display for your business. Regardless of display size or budget, you’ll benefit from your investment at every event.

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