Tension Fabric Displays

Lightweight and Portable, Tension Fabric Displays offer vibrant, visual impact with the ease of a simple, portable display. Limited set-up time and ease in transport make these displays a great solution to meet your budget and display needs! Many include shipping cases, and offer additional accessories to create a perfect marketing atmosphere for your products and messaging.

Hop Up Fabric Tension Fabric Displays

Hassle-free Hop Up Fabric Tension Fabric Displays are our easiest expandable display to set up, requiring no tools! All Hop Up displays feature full one-piece tension fabric graphics that can remain velcro’d in place on the expandable frame during transit. Simply expand the frame open, lock in place, and you are ready to go! Straight and curved display frames are available from small table top sizes to 20’, 30’ and longer back walls. Perfect for Step & Repeat graphics as well as trade show branding.

New Hop Up sizes are available that offer Extra-tall height as well, and all kits include soft rolling bags for ease in transport.

Embrace Tension Fabric Displays

Embrace Tension Fabric Displays maintain the ease and portability of the Hop Up, but are outfitted with the latest SEG tension fabric technology. SEG Fabric graphics allow clean, crisp edges with no puckering. Magnetic channel bars attach to this expandable frame to allow the Silicone edged fabric graphics to press into a channel groove easily, requiring no additional tools. Embrace Fabric Displays can be used alone or be connected to align and stack creating solid, fully printed walls in any configuration! Transit bags included, and shipping cases are available.

Vector Frame Tension Fabric Displays

Vector Frame Tension Fabric Displays also use SEG Tension Fabric Graphics to create a wide range of banner-sized and full-sized trade show display components. Vector Frame Displays include self-sanding Single & Double-sided kits from Table top size to 30’ long walls. Extruded aluminum frames assemble easily and LED lighting kits can be added to create Illuminated Tension Fabric Graphics that will stand out in any environment. Monitor support brackets are also available to create stunning video displays. We offer a wide variety of simple kits, as well as more dimensional Master exhibit kits to create any look you can imagine.

Formulate Tension Fabric Displays

Formulate Tension Fabric Displays combine easy to assemble tube frames with printed pillowcase-style tension fabric graphics to create straight and curved full color printed backdrops and display components. Gently curved frames create dimension and depth and can include shelving, monitor brackets, literature displays, and table areas to promote your business or products. Frames assemble easily with snap buttons, and pillowcase printed fabric graphics simply fit over the frame system so all you see is your printed visual. From simple, basic kits, to expanded designer kits, towers, hanging signage, and counters, with Formulate Tension Fabric Displays the sky’s the limit!

Call us today to discuss your specific requirements, we will be happy to assist you in determining the best Tension Fabric Display solution to meet your needs and budget!