How to Create Powerful (Yet Cost-Effective) Trade Show Displays

coyote-displayExhibiting & attending your trade shows can be a worthwhile, yet costly venture. You need to include many factors into your budget, such as pre-show marketing, travel expenses, trade show display costs and shipping expenses. However, if you do some research, and consider some of the following ideas and options, you can curb some of your display and logistics expenses greatly.

Many trade show display solutions are available that are designed to be portable & lightweight, reducing the costs for shipping and set up, and will give you a big BANG for your buck. A good trade show supplier can work with you to come up with a display design that meets your budget and your needs. Try incorporating some of the following ideas:

Think BIG!

Use large format fabric graphics to attract attention and create an exciting look. Fabric graphics can be applied to lightweight aluminum frames or portable pop-up display frames to create colorful backdrops and walls. The fact that they simply fold up for shipping and the frames break down (or fold down to small sizes) allows you to pack these components in small cases for inexpensive shipping. Or you can transport them easily yourself.

Combine Portable & Modular Components In a Creative Way

Readily available display components, like pop-Up displays and banner stands, can be used together. You can use them in new ways or even in combination with a few custom-built key structures to create a bigger “custom display.” Finish the back sides of curved Pop-Up Displays to create walls for conference or meeting space. Place banner stands around your booth perimeter and use a modular system to create a custom central tower. The possibilities are endless!

Think Cubic Area!

Your trade show display is more than the square footage of your floor space. Overhead hanging signage can draw attention from a distance, and help you compete with the “big guys.” Hanging structures can be simple lightweight aluminum frames with fabric graphics that break down for shipping. They’re easy to hang, they create atmosphere, and offer a dynamic custom look.

Make your display interactive.

Consider video presentations and hands-on interactive demos and displays to showcase your products and services. Color, light, sound, and motion will attract attention to your trade show booth. Touch screen technology with today’s easily available devices will have attendees lined up for a fun, interactive look at what you have to offer.

Turn the Lights On!

The creative use of lighting can be one of the simplest and most cost effective ways to create a vibrant, exciting atmosphere within your trade show booth. Highlight your graphics and product areas to draw attention. Create colorful wall washes to brighten up a space. There are many available display lighting fixtures that are simple to install, and meet your trade show regulations.

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