Using Accessories at a Trade Show

We’ve all heard the saying “don’t sweat the small stuff” and generally you shouldn’t… BUT you should consider the small stuff to be equally as important as the big stuff, at least for your trade show display.

If you’ve invested the time and effort to attend an upcoming trade show and you have purchased a display, you want to show up putting your best face forward. Simple, yet cost effective trade show accessories like trade show literature racks, printed table throws, and display lighting can make a huge difference in your overall corporate appearance.

Trade Show Literature Racks

Trade Show Display Literature Rack

Trade show literature racks come in many styles, are cost effective, portable, and simple to set up. If you’re planning on bringing any white papers or handouts to your show(s), you can use a couple of literature racks to keep them organized and can go a long way to make your display look clean and professional. Also, they’re great to keep in your company lobby or board room for sales ops and other prospective client meetings.

Printed Table Throws

Printed Full Color Table display throwRental display tables can be a great cost saver, but as the case with most rentals, you don’t know the level of quality or the look of what you could be getting. High quality printed table throws can cover any size rental table, giving it a bright, custom look. Full color dye sub printing of your logo or any imagery can attract attention and coordinate with your display and graphics giving you better visual presence. Additionally, these cost effective throws are machine washable and can be packed away for easy shipping. They’re also great for smaller events and meetings as well.

Trade Show Display Lighting

Trade Show Display LightingHighlighting your display graphics and products with inexpensive trade show display lighting can be the difference between a good display and a great one. Creative lighting can add excitement, create atmosphere, and can draw attention to your trade show display.

Consider going the extra mile and adding simple yet cost effective trade show accessories to your trade show display inventory. These small additions can make a huge impact on your overall visual presence at your next event.

Garth Gaetz is the owner of New World Case, Inc. Connect with him on Google+.