Is your Trade Show Display Supplier Right For You?

Whether you’re exhibiting or attending; trade shows and business events can be a key factor in building your company’s growth, reputation, and your client base. With good planning and people, these events can be an exciting and successful investment in your business.

Supplier Relationships are Key

If you’re going to be the face of your company at trade shows, forming a relationship with a trade show display supplier is key in making your job easier, while ensuring a successful trade show.

Things to Look for When Shopping for A Trade Show Supplier

Whether this is your first time looking to attend a trade show, or you’re a vet of the trade show circuit, here are a few things you should look for when choosing a trade show supplier:

  • Experience – How long have they been supplying products for trade shows? Are they reliable? Do they have any reviews? It’s always better to go with a supplier who knows the ropes and can handle any job, no matter how big or small.
  • Variety of Display Solutions- How is their pricing? Do they offer several different brands? Can they work with you on your budget? A trade show display supplier worth their salt should be flexible and adaptable, and be able to offer graphic printing, display accessories, and trade show logistics to you if you need them.
  • Friend or Enemy? – A good supplier will work with you and listen to what your needs and budget constraints are. They should work for you, not against you. Designing and creating the right trade show display will come from having good communication with your supplier.
  • Personnel – When you work with a supplier, they should have a rep that is assigned to your account, so you have a point of contact within the company. Having someone who is “on deck” and will help you out if you run into trouble with your display can be the lynch pin between a trade show disaster and a success.
  • Trust – Find a supplier you feel comfortable with. Make sure you can request to drop by and collaborate or go over any necessary changes in person if needed. Also, you should be able to see your project in process if wanted.

A great trade show display company should encompass most of the traits we listed above.  Because, when it comes down to it, your display is an extension of your company. Forming a lasting relationship with a supplier who is creative, available, and conscious of your needs will ensure that your exhibits represent your business successfully, and when you succeed so do they!

Garth Gaetz is the owner of New World Case, Inc. Connect with him on Google+.